20th Festival of the Third Age: year 2020

This year you will once again find a festive, creative and intimate atmosphere among the exhibitors and visitors at the festival area.

Expert programme:

This year's expert programme and its main panel will be devoted to discussing the importance of lifelong learning and intergenerational coexistence in the modern information society. In an ever faster changing modern society we must be even more vigilant in supporting lifelong learning, education and creativity among older people. More and more public and private sector services are available (only) on the internet, so it is our task and responsibility to help create an environment where lifelong learning and inclusion of the elderly in the information society are not a privilege but a granted right.

Educational Programme:

The auditoriums will be full of interesting lectures, creative workshops and round tables on topical subjects. This years' educational programme will focus on a well rounded and healthy third age. You will be able to attend lectures on various health topics, from keeping and maintaining healthy eating habits to lifestyle choices which can enrich and fulfil your life (exercise, gardening, ect.).

Cultural programme:

The cultural programme is the life and soul of the Festival. Various groups, composed of retired singing, dancing, folklore and theatre enthusiasts, will be performing on two stages, one in the Grad Hall of the Cankarjev dom and the other in the second lobby. Since the motto of the festival is “We are all one generation”, our cultural programme will involve younger and older performers. The cultural programme does not end there, you will be able to walk through various art exhibitions and attend other cultural events prepared by the Pensioners Association of Slovenia. We will open and close the Festival with a grand event, held in the Linhartova hall.
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