Walk Through the Colourful Exhibition

You are invited to walk through 14 thematic parks, where more than 150 organizations will present their selection of products and services for better living in the third age. You will be able to measure your blood pressure, surf the Internet sites or find out what show is playing in your nearest theater. There will also be interactive workshops and lectures, where you will learn somethig about your health, exercise, literature, interesting sights that you hav not yet visited and much more.

At the Festival for the Third Age, you will be able to participate in or visit:
  • Park of Health, Healthy Diet and a Sustainable Lifestyle
  • Park of Tourism, Sports and Leisure
  • Park of Social Care and Non-Governmental Sector
  • Park of Books and Other Printed and Electronic Editions
  • Park of Lifelong Learning and Education
  • Park of Homeliness
  • Park of Patriotism
  • Park of Banking and Insurance
  • Park of Information Society
  • Park of Mobility, Traffic and Traffic Safety
  • Park of Safety
  • Park of Culture
  • Park of Local Self-Management

  • Park of Suply and Demand for Work of Older People
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