Festival za tretje življenjsko obdobje/
Festival of the Third Age

About the Festival
    Festival of the Third Age is a combination of a fair exhibition, different lectures, workshops, round tables and other discussions in the educational and professional programme, a rich cultural programme with different cultural events as well as performances on the open stage and a varied accompanying programme.

The Festival creates a space for cooperation between the generations, civil society, voluntary organizations, as well as business, academic and political spheres. This way it contributes to sustainable intergenerational solutions to the best of its ability.

Each year the Festival opens the door to intergenerational harmony, creativity and the exchange of ideas. In terms of content and the time it takes place, the Festival is linked to 1 October, the International Day of Older Persons.
    Ljubljana City Association of Pensioners OPZDU
Organizers     Proevent
Festival     Festival za tretje življenjsko obdobje    
 Address     Proevent d. o. o.    
      Dunajska cesta 10, p.p. 3558    
      SI-1000 Ljubljana    
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19th Festival of the third Age (2019)

Contact     Festival Team >>
Location     Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Date     September 30 - October 2, 2020
    9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Entry Fee
    free of charge
  • fair exhibition
  • educational programme (lectures, workshops, round table debates)
  • cultural programme
  • contests
Participants' Profile    
  • organizations of and for the elderly, such as pensioners' organizations, day centers, networks of self-help organizations, pensioners' cultural and other interest organizations, networks of study circles, etc.
  • professional and trade organizations of people with disabilities
  • educational establishments, such as the University of the Third Age, libraries and organizations working in the field of learning, personal growth, active leisure, volunteering, returning to the labor market, etc.
  • manufacturing, trading and service companies with products and services for the elderly, families, disabled people, visually impaired, hearing impaired, etc.
  • service companies and organizations such as tourist agencies, resorts, banks, transport companies
  • pharmaceutical companies
  • health organizations
  • organization, bringing together youth and implementing programmes of intergenerational cooperation such as nurseries, schools, colleges, student organizations
  • social work centers, homes for the elderly, organizations for care and services at home
  • organizations for recruitment and training for additional or extra work
  • organizations and societies for sports and leisure
  • organization for consumer education and protection
  • research institutions
  • trade unions and workers' associations
  • government and public institutions, ministries, municipalities, public institutions and professional bodies
  • NGOs such as associations, societies, chambers
  • cultural organizations, such as theaters, cultural and art societies, galleries and museums
Visitors' Profile
  • all generations
  • experts
Goals     The festival seeks to achieve:
Development of:
  • environments for the development of networks for intergenerational cooperation,
  • entrepreneurial environment for business integration of the older generations,
  • business, social, societal and other models for the equal participation of older people in an evolving and global society.
Design of:
  • different models of services and products for quality, healthy and creative lives of the elderly,
  • modern organizational forms of cooperation among various actors, both public and private, that can influence and provide a better quality of life of older generations,
  • new projects of intergenerational integration and cooperation.
Promotion of:
  • cooperation between public and private spheres in the provision of better quality of life of the elderly and their active involvement in contemporary social movements,
  • interest of the general public in the activities and organizations of the older population, and moreover of its active involvement in the various areas of life,
  • values, respect and education on active ageing among all generations of the population.
Provision of:
  • supportive environment conducive to better quality of life in the third age and intergenerational cooperation,
  • mobility and learning about new technologies and their integration into the daily lives of older generations,
  • efficient infrastructure for intergenerational integration.
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